Miller, Ringma, Hoppe Collaboration

Ramones Autograph, Bettie and the Ramones painting, CBGBs, 1978.


DeeDee Ramone                                                                                                  Johnny Ramone



Joey Ramone                                                                                                          Tommy Ramone


 Bettie Ringma                                                                                                    Marc Miller and Joey Ramone



DeeDee, Johnny, Bettie Ringma, and Curt Hoppe.                                                       " Bettie and the Ramones" Washington Project for the Arts "PUNK ART" Exhibit



WPA Exhibition invitation                                                      Miller RIngma Hoppe with Al Goldstein painting

Influencing those young impressionable eager Art students minds at the School of Visual Arts


"Bettie and the LA Punk" a.k.a. Omar Bazaar a.k.a. Steven Elvis Smith oil on canvas, 48x72inches

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