Yona Shimmel                                         oil on canvas 24x26inches

   Grand Central where everyone meets.                             oil on canvas 36x48inches



Yonah                                 Watercolor 18x24inches

 Lou's Game                                                                  oil on canvas 36x48inches


Money Shot                          Acrylic on Linen 24x38inches  

Read it in The Post                              oil on canvas



                  Suzy Hotrod                                             Oil on Canvas 57x84inches    

 4 Clowns     Acrylic / Gesso / Print on Canvas 48x36inches


         Memory Motel                                                                    oil on linen 24x38inches


The Scholar Coffee House on the West Bank in Minneapolis after the fire in Dinkytown. I painted it this is the actual building. c1966


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