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I gotta say one thing about Al Goldstein, everybody's got and opinion about him but when I illustrated for him

the check was always there on time, I could bank on it! And when you are a struggling artist that means a lot.

That's more than I can say for most of the publishers I worked for.


A Screw Cover Ink on Board 12x12inches


Video By Paul Tschinkel

Curt's Good Buddy Al Goldstein, New York, 1979 from Marc H. Miller on Vimeo.


Excerpt from Marc Millers (Punk Years 1976-1979)

How I came to meet Al.

The painting "Curt's Good Buddy Al Goldstein" would take the Miller Ringma Hoppe team to new artistic heights with a well attended performance at a Soho gallery starring New York's controversial peddler of smut. Goldstein published Screw, a cheaply produced sex paper often criticized for its extreme crassness and lack of taste but also admired for its humor and creativity. Curt chose Goldstein to be the subject of his "Paparazzi Self-Portrait" because he had long admired the publisher's openness about sex and his intolerance of hypocrisy. When we approached Al to see if he would participate, we found he was not only willing but eager. Together we hatched an ambitious plan that concluded with the live event at the Robert Freidus Gallery where the painting was signed and members of the audience got their own photographs with Goldstein. Every step of the process was videotaped by Paul Tschinkel. While Curtís admiration of Al was undoubtedly sincere, he also had another reason for involving the publisher. "Just watch," Curt predicted, "when this is over Al will offer me a job." Sure enough, as the performance came to an end and Al headed towards the elevator, he turned to Curt and asked if he wanted to paint centerfolds for Screw. Curt enthusiastically accepted!




Cigar Band I painted for Al. 


My take on Plato's

you can right click on most of these to enlarge to read.




From Al's "Death Magazine" centerfold for the end of 1979  (A little Arbus a little Michelangelo)

A story I wrote from one of my trips to Rome.




A few reproductions of some Covers (right click to enlarge


Al's inscription to me typical Al.


Last time I saw Al at his book signing at the Slipper Room on Orchard St. 11/15/06

Me (left) Al, and Steve Gruberg 


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